About school

Kaunas Nemunas School organizes pre-school education, primary education, 1st part of basic education, special education and implements the education process in accordance with the general education curriculum of pre-school, primary and basic education of Lithuania.

The education process is organised in three buildings (A. ir J. Gravrogkų St, No.9, No.13, No.15). There are 356 students at the school.

The vision of the institution – the school with the characteristics of Good School, continuing and creating traditions, educating every student according to his/her abilities and teaching to live in the contemporary world.

The mission of the institution – provide qualified pre-school, primary and basic education, by cooperating with parents and forming conditions for meaningful self-expression to develop valuable attitudes, general and essential competences, also artistic and aesthetic abilities; to educate the person responsible for creating a person’s, state’s and world’s future.

Values and Philosophy

Openness – openness to innovations, changes, preparation for lifelong learning.

Safety – sincere and tolerant comprehensive communication and cooperation, self-expression.

Citizenship – educating an active citizen of Europe, respecting his/her native country and its traditions.

Responsibility for teaching and learning – creating the added value for the school, keeping the agreements.

Increasing expression of Good School characteristics.


There are 38 pedagogical workers and 30 non-pedagogical workers in Kaunas Nemunas School.

Kaunas Nemunas School accepted the challenge to become the institution of healthy nutrition, where pre-school students and school students get not only healthy food, but also they gain skills of healthy nutrition. The process of education is organised implanting the principles of healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition. The knowledge of healthy nutrition and the content of developing skills are integrated into the process of education, non-formal education and other activities.

Aims of the School

  1. Consistent and effective development of education.
  2. Developing of social-emotional and healthy lifestyle education involving all members of school community.
  3. Increasing attractiveness and efficiency of education by assuring the diversity of educational content using and creating new educational environments.